2017 Club Event’s

February 4th Meeting, Bronx NY
March 4th Meeting, Bronx NY
April 1st Meeting, Bronx NY
May 6th Meeting, Bronx NY
June 3rd Meeting, Bronx NY
June13-14th 1st Summer Fly
June 20-21st ANY Bird Fly
June 27-28th (Bob Kennedy Memorial Fly)
July 15th Summer Vacation
August 22nd Annual Lawn Show (47 Years)
September 5th Meeting, Bronx NY
September 12-13th Fall Fly Young Birds
September 19-20th Fall Fly Young Birds (Futurity)
October 7th Meeting/Young Bird Show
October 18-19th Stock Fly (Pop Walter B. Memorial Fly)
November 4th Meeting/Old Hen Show
November 21st BIG Apple Classic, TBD
December 2nd Meeting/Old Cock Show/Best Bird of the Year! (This is also our Annual Christmas party so make sure you join up…)