Lawn Show and Winter Shows

Results of 2012

Best in Show Plain Head
ATU-O8-605 Grizzle, Celestino ( Tiny) Concepcion.

Best in Show Cap
ATU-3304-12 Grizzle, Carlos Reyes.

Old Bird Judge Plain— Chris Reyes
Young Bird Judge Plain— Eddie Buraczewski

Young Birds
1st Place: ATU-1154,Grizzle, Dwight Reyes
2nd Place: ATU-1143, Grizzle, Dwight Reyes
3rd Place: ATU-1121, Grizzle, Dwight Reyes

1st Place: ATU-2265,Grizzle,Jose Suarez
2ndPlace:ATU-3914,Bronze Mott. Bobby Casas
3rd Place:ATU-1112,Blue Bar,Dwight Reyesi

Old Hens
1st Place: ATU-11-654, Grizzle,Celestino Concepcion
2nd Place: ATU-11-191, Mottle, Ed B.
3rd Place: ATU-11-176, Bronze, Ed B.

Old Cocks
1st Place: ATU-08-605, Grizzle,Celestino,Concepcion
2nd Place: ATU-08-196,Mottle.Ed B.
3rd Place: ATU-11-618, Silver Dunn,Celestino,Concepcion

Tippler Caps
Young Hens

1st Place:ATU-3304-Grizzle, Carlos,Reyes
2nd Place-ATU-1183-Red, Dwight,Reyes
3rd Place-ATU-3302-Grizzle, Carlos,Reyes

Young Cocks

1st. Place:ATU-3326-Grizzle, Carlos,Reyes
2nd Place:ATU-3325-Grizzle, Carlos,Reyes
3rd Place:ATU-1115-Ash, Dwight,Reyes

Old Hens

1st place:ATU-11-1107-Chocolate, Dwight,Reyes
2nd Place:ATU-11-759-Dunn Grizzle, Celestino,Concepcion
3rd Place:ATU-11-621-. Black, Celestino,Concepcion

Old Cocks

1st Place:ATU-649-Black- Celestino,Concepcion
2nd Place:ATU-11-1174-White Bar, Dwight,Reyes
3rd Place:ATU-11- 788- Print,Celestino,Concepcion

Judges Young Birds: Celestino,Concepcion
Old Birds. Clarence Williams

New York Danish

1st Place:15224-10-Black Mottle-Gerry Ford
2nd Place:35-11- Black Mottle-Gerry Ford
3rd Place:1958-11- Black Mottle- Gerry Ford