47th Annnal Lawn Show

    Its that Time of the Year again, time for our 49th Annual Lawn Show, July 15th 2017

where you get an early look at some of the Greats and some of the new comers going head to head.   This is not an open show for contestents, only club members but its never to late to join, entries for Birds are as such $2 per bird Young or Old Cap or Plain Head.There will be plenty of food and beverages on hand free of course to our club members, if you would like to donate a dessert the club always greatly appreciates this. Back to the show at hand birds should be in early so we can get started on time. All birds should be penned by 10 am so we can get things started around 11am, if you are showing birds and are running late you should notify the club members immidiately so we can delay as such. The Show is being held at Andrews Pet Shop 1461 Blondell Ave. Come one Come all this is going to be  a Gran Event for 2017 hope to see every one there ATU………….




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